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Merit Scholarship/ Direct Admission

Based up on the results of X & XII Boards, Students are entitled to get scholarship.

ACST (Admission cum Scholarship Test):

ACST is organized at Boaring Road center of Perfect Mathematics classes periodically during February to June during admission season. Rank holders of ACST may get scholarship up to 80%.

Other Scholarship Criteria

Special discount Girl students (Mathematics as an additional subject), air-force, economically poor students and children of army or police personnel who lost their life fighting with terrorist or anti-nationals (Attach Proof). These scholarships are limited and given on case to case basis and depend at the discretion of the top / senior management.

Payment of Fee

Fees may be deposited in installments, for the assistance of Parents/Guardians. Payment can be made through cash or a bank draft or ‘at par’ cheque or through online payment gateway.

Rules & Regulation

 Discipline and obedience take an important role in anybody’s life. We expect from our students to maintain the same.

 In case of violence the student can be penalized according to the degree of offence.

 Regular Attendance in the class is expected otherwise without any authorized leave taken from Director may be charged with a token fine.

 Student must wear the identity card and attend the lecture only in the batch allotted to him.

 D.P.P.S., Modules should be brought in the class room during lecture delivered on particular topic.

 Management has the right to make addition and alternation in the rules, study hours and time table as per requirement.

 Any student found misbehaving for breaking the rules and regulation of the institute may be instantly expelled from the institute and refund of fee will not be granted in such a case.

 The Management of ‘Perfect Mathematics Classes’ Reserve the right of admission to any student in the institute. He may even deny the admission to selected student without assigning any reason.

 There will be no batch transfer, cancellation of admission and refund of payment in any circumstances.

 Once the name of a student is struck-off due to non-payment of fee for more than 3 weeks from the due date, the student will have to pay Rs.500/- for re-admission.

 Each student will be issued an identity card. The entry into the classes/Institute will be only with Identity Card, if the Identity card of a student is lost/misplaced, a duplicate I-card can be asked from the Institute against payment of Rs. 100/-. If any student is found misusing the I-card, he/she will be rusticated from the Institute.

 If at any point of time, the Govt. announces different pattern/scheme for IIT-JEE(Main & Advanced) / XI / XII / NDA / NTSE | KVPY | OLYMPIAD , the institute shall modify its all curriculum, course contents and planning according to the latest pattern of IIT-JEE(Main & Advanced) / XI / XII / NDA / NTSE | KVPY | OLYMPIAD.

 A student is not allowed to carry mobile phone/I-pod in the classes. If at all, he/she carries mobile phone in the classes, then it should be switched off or in silent mode. The institute is not responsible for any loss/theft of mobile phone in the institute.

 If any student does not pay the fee on the due date as mentioned in the payment slip or is defaulter in the fee payment, he/she shall be stopped from attending the classes. It is therefore, in the interest of the parents & students that they should deposit the fee on the due dates mentioned in the payment slip.

 If at any point of time, the Central Govt. further increases service tax, (existing rate of service tax is 12.36%) the extra amount of service tax will be borne by the students from the date of enforcement of the act by the Govt.

 In case of any legal dispute pertaining to Perfect Mathematics Classes Patna Jurisdiction shall be final.